Upgrade kit help

About a year ago I purchased the upgrade kit for my 1000, to include a Makita setup. Last week I received an upgraded 14 watt laser for JTech. Hoping to get this done this weekend but have some questions.

I have TBD risers. They seem like they are way more rigid than the acrylic sheets that come in the kit. Like another user here did, I plan to incorporate both.

When all the parts are swapped out, I know I have to use the drop downs in the machine settings to update my g code for the steppers, belts, and new Z axis. Will this action ONLY change the necessary lines in the code? Just trying to get ahead of myself if I am going to need to make changes for my laser, vacuum switch or Triquetra touch plate.

Not a wealth of knowledge here on g code specifics. I appreciate anyone who can assist. Thanks in advance.

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Selecting the newer upgrades will only alter the $100, 101, 102, and 132 settings and nothing else.

You will need to edit more settings per the jtech instructions.

Thanks Seth.

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