Upgrade Kit Y Axis not moving correctly

I have installed the upgrade kit. When I tested the movement of the gantry, I discovered that the left side moves first, and then the right side. The movement is jerky rather than smooth. How do I correct this?

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Hi Richard, this typical of either mis-wired or disconnected laggy side.

Can you disconnect the leading side and re-test. If it doesnt move at all, or moves the wrong direction, then the other side has wiring issue mkst likely and once resolved would operate correctly.

Hi Richard,

I had the same issue with my upgrade, with the new Nema’s my harness wires were a little tight.
Also was not letting the harness plug in to the Nema, seat properly.
Adding a little slack to harness fixed the issue.

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An update: upon inspection of the pins on the Y axis right side motor, I discovered that one of the pins was bent. I carefully straightened it, reattached the plug from the controller, and tested the unit again. It works perfectly.

Many thanks to those who offered help!


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