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Upgrade of firmware

I received a notice to upgrade my firmware in easel. From reading through the forum, many people have had a lot of trouble after the upgrade. Has anyone received this notice and did you have problems after the upgrade? Also, what is changing? My machine is doing great now and I do not want to create an unnecessary problem. Any input would be helpful. Thanks

I am trying to upgrade mine right now. It has said that it is “Uploading” now for almost an hour and to not shut it off.
How long is this thing going to take?

That’s one of my concerns. Today I skipped the upgrade and continued carving

mine just zipped right through

going to try the first carve with it now, i’ll update after a while

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Thanks. I’m interested in any changes also

Unless you have a compelling reason to upgrade, I would recommend that you stick with what you have working now.


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Unless an upgrade promises features you absolutely ‘need’ and will use, why bother when it’s all working perfectly?


From what version to what?

Did not even bother to look

Upgraded mine last night, took less than a minute then ran a program I created after upgrading without any issues. I have a Mac and the X-controller, just for reference.

What new features did you gain? Do you see any difference? By the way I have windows 10

I noticed not changes. This is a Grbl upgrade…I think it said 1.1f

Thank you. I will not be upgrading. I use only Inkscape and easel.

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This update has made our machine move 1.5 times more than needed. eg. 15mm instead of 10mm.

Is it possible to downgrade to the previous grbl installed?

Great info from Phil. But to point out/highlight his final instruction of

“properly calibrating your machines steps per mm with a long ruler and a pointer bit.”

this should be done periodically based on how much you use your machine, kinda like a service interval for your car. ;). (belts stretch, bearings, wear…you get the idea)

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This will only happen for X-Carve users if the register mappings changed between the version you are upgrading from and the version you are upgrading to. For example, this happened between the 0.9 versions of grbl and the 1.x versions. If you are upgrading from a pre 1.x version, Easel’s new firmware upgrade feature will warn you that you will need to re-run Easel setup after upgrading, and it will take you there automatically when the upgrade is complete. If you have custom $ settings, you will also need to restore those. If there are no register incompatibilities (e.g. upgrading from 1.0c to 1.1f) you will not get the warning and you won’t need to restore any settings.

For Carvey owners, the custom firmware will save and restore the settings for you automatically.

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I upgraded my X-Controller to 1.1f via Easel and had no issues.
I haven’t noticed any changes yet either.

If you just run Easel, you will probably not notice any difference. 1.1f has some new features, but I don’t think Easel uses any of them at this time.

I am glad you comment and offer so much opinion for a user who does not use Easel…
But seriously, I will upgrade my Easel driver (I am currently running 0.3.5) as well and see what happens.

What is a Larry positive fork?