Upgrade screw up :(

After all that time printing out both the right and left Dust Covers I realized I need to remodel them for the wide Y rails I upgraded to. Well that was like ten hours wasted, if anyone wants them just pay the shipping and they’re yours (magnets not included, except one I can’t get out :slight_smile:) Hate to see all that printing time go to waste. I guess I’ll get started on the redesign of PHRAUST awesome design.


Neat what would be cool to have.

I’ll see what the smallest flat rate box they will fit in tomorrow and let you know what shipping costs if you want them. (obviously for United States shipping only).

Lets see if anybody else wants them first that does not have a 3d printer. If no one else wants them then I will probably take them off your hands.

I’m interested. I’ll message you.

Was just thinking I needed some of these next but I’m in no hurry machine is offline till spring for a rebuild and upgrades

I printed one up and found out it didn’t work either.
Lots of time and effort felt wasted.
So your not alone…

I’m remaking them for wide y axis if you need a copy let me know

I have a 3d printer myself. I would only require the model but I am not in need of one at this time. I created wooden shields for mine.

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