Upgrade to X-Carve 1000mm Frame w/ Extras - SOLD

I’m not selling a FULL xcarve just my frame and upgrades. I built a new CNC and am reusing my spindle/controller/wasteboard…

If you have an existing 500/750 this is a great upgrade.

I’m selling the following components as a kit

  1. all the black/silver framing/gantries and carriages
  2. brand-new V-wheels
  3. upgraded X axis (Xcarve Risers from CNC4Newbie) $90
  4. upgraded Y risers and stiffeners (custom DIY)
  5. 296oz Stepper motors (4x steppers ideal for x-controller)
  6. X and Y drag chains
  7. Upgraded 9mm belts / pulleys / etc
  8. Upgraded end stops (inductance non-contact proximity)

Pretty much the whole frame in picture here, minus the silver hose on the x-carriage for chip clearing.

Parts you’d need to complete it

  1. z-axis
  2. spindle
  3. controller
  4. wasteboard
  5. wiring (i can include what i have on the frame, but would recommend using new wiring)

Looking for $350. Local pickup would be nice, but I can disassemble/ship as needed.

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Where you located?

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Atlanta, GA


hello how much does shipping cost to houston texas and i buy you everything?

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Wish I saw this 30 mins ago, i just spent $100 on new v wheels alone.

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