Upgrade X-Carve to Mach4

What would be needed to upgrade an X-Carve with an X-Controller and SuperPID v2 to be controlled by Mach4? Looking for a variety of configurations.


New controller

what he said. preferrably a geckodrive :wink:

does mach 4 support USB because mach3 doesn’t

If not you’d need a pc with a parallel port or something like a smoothstepper

Could you recommend parts. Looking for usb capable, performance and reliability that is affordable for hobby use.


I have another cnc router that is controlled by mach 3 which I have used for years. I paired it with a plug and play a probotix controller and UC100 usb converter. I use a refurbished windows 7 desktop with them. While the controller is pricy, I’m no expert on that stuff, and prefer that somebody that knows what they are doing assemble that part of things for me. I’ve had my controller for about 10 years and it is only good for 3 axes. They have since made a couple of changes which allow 5 outputs I think.