Upgrade Z-probe

Good afternoon, I have a question, more of an idea, about the z-probe and the levelness of the waste board. I have a 1000mm machine I am just starting to work with and I have had some success with the projects I have tried but on a couple of them I have run into depth of cut issues. I tried a sign that the words just trailed off to a scratch on the wood and I just completed a flag that the stars a noticeably smaller and not as deep on one end. I have seen a couple good ideas about how to fix if the waste board is not quite right and I am definitely going to give them a try. My question is, can you at inventables program in an option to use the z-probe on multiple locations on a project instead of just one? Then if the variance is within a certain tolerance have the controller adjust for that or put up a warning that there is an issue that needs to be corrected either with surfacing the material or adjusting the machine. I would like to hear from y’all on the possibility. Thanks for your time