Upgraded machine dust collection suggestions

I have a 1000 machine with the CNC4Newcies z axis and the x and y axis screw drive upgrades. Before the upgrades i used the suckit dustboot. I tried to retrofit it but was never really satisfied with the job i did.

Can anyone recommend the best way for dust collection with these upgrades? I am just looking for pictures or advice for inspiration. Thanks in advance.


Suckit have an upgrade kit with different mounts and spacers for people who get the CNC4Newbies z-axis uprgrade. Here’s the link:https://www.suckitdustboot.com/product-page/suckit-kit-for-x-carve-with-upgraded-z-axis Use it for inspiration, or just buy the kit.

Do you have a picture of your attempt?

I have the dust collection from inventables and ended up tapping the tee track and bolting it straight to the x-carriage.

Works great and looks clean.