Upgraded Shapeoko 2 For Sale *SOLD*

Hello All,

I’m selling my upgraded Shapeoko 2. I have loved using this machine and ended up purchasing a much more expensive machine because this machine was such a good first cnc experience.

The machine’s cutting area is stock (~12"x12"x2.5").

It uses the GT2 belting with the aluminum pulleys

The power supply is a 24 volt 300 watt low noise meanwell power supply (model HRP-300-24 bought for ~$80.00 new) with 87% efficiency and has short circuit, overload, over voltage, and over temperature protections.

I used very nice Nema 23 Lin Engineering Stepper motors (173oz/in) on the x and y axis (Motors were ~$60 / motor shipped) and all motors (x,y,z) are wired in series to the Tiny G motion controller.

The z axis is upgraded with a Nema 23 motor from Inventables (140 oz/in), a 2:1 Belt Drive Upgrade and the acme lead screw from Improbable Construct.

I bought an e-stop and limit switches and never got around to using them so I am including those for free.

There is also some extra shielded cable, screws, and wire management pieces.

Best of all, I have all the original packing materials that I meticulously saved from when I received the machine. So you will be getting a partly assembled and genlty machine that is packed in the original packing material (more packing material added where needed).


I’m asking $600 for the whole machine with the extras mentioned, shipping from Louisiana, USA will be additional.

Is this still for sale?

Yes it is. If you (or anyone) is interested in a shipping quote PM me your zip code/address and I’ll send you the info.

Thanks for the interest,


I’m from cleveland and was wondering how much to ship.

@AndrewBaszak, thanks for the interest. After replying to a number of PM’s regarding shipping I’ve found shipping costs to be anywhere from $25-$50. Thus, for anyone in the continental US, I’ll set shipping to $20 (unless you are really close to Louisiana, then it might be less) and if it is over $20 I’ll pay the difference. So the machine shipped anywhere in the continental US is $620 (maybe less if you live close to Louisiana).

FYI, this machine has been sold. Thanks for the interest everyone!

@JohnAnderson congrats on graduating to a more expensive machine!

It makes me feel proud that you were able to get in the game with this machine, build up some experience, sell it and move on to something with more power.

Hi Five!

@Zach_Kaplan thanks! Inventables certainly made the process less painful. I had 0 experience with anything CNC related when I bought this machine and now I feel like the skies the limit.

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