Upgraded V-Wheels?

Def should help minimize flex. But u really do need the precision shim or else when u crank down to tighten it the material in between will crush. the shim keeps it at the proper spacing.
Mayb @PhilJohnson can test the theory out?

The exact wheels I run on my R7. Lots and lots of them. I spent an afternoon just putting wheel kits together.

How do they work/feel on the x carve?

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I’m not sure if they even will. The R7 is a C-Beam machine with Openbuilds V-Slots. Which is what these wheels were designed for. It’s a reversed V the wheel goes inside he slot instead of riding on it.

they will sit on the 20mm slot not the edge! but how well do they fit?

They will fit just fine.

A couple things wrong with this thought process. These wheels are designed to ride in a V slot. Not a “T” slot. The edge will induce premature ( if not instant ) wheel damage. And the spacing on the X carriage for the bolts is to wide to allow both sets (top and bottom) to sit in the T track securely. If you make new holes I believe the bolts will rub…

Responding to Phantom about running this wheel on a makerslide.

it really should work

I was thinking the same thing when I bought 20 of them. :weary: The track on the makerslide is an “edge” vs the trough of a Vslot. And the wheel sitting inside the track vs on the rail makes the holes in the gantry out of whack.

Well obviously. i expected as much. i am redoing the end plates for the gantry. so i figured i would use the solid wheels AND the delrin cuz why not…

Oh obviously.

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lolz fair point! i concede!

No need to concied lol. Not trying to be difficult. Just don’t want to see you spend a bunch of money like I did to get these wheels. They work great in VSlot. But don’t work at all on makerslide. I thought I would get a 40 x 40 (and show this thing who was boss ) VSlot extrusion from openbuilds. That’s how I know the holes won’t work. So I got the bolt on rails and went with the standard V wheel.

Mayb it was. Now it isn’t. :smiling_imp: I figured its resolved somewhat. However a bearing is a bearing… not too complicated.
Now the question remains… do the solid wheels ride in the makerslide groove or not? Not the protrusion. The groove!
I mean not mounted in any plate. Cuz holes and spacers fix that issue.
Edit: reread thread. I see now. Sucks…