Upgraded X axis larger sizes possible?

Just ordered the upgraded X-Axis. Just in time because I was about to do the steel bar mod.

Since the deflection seems to be been improved considerably in the new X-Axis would there be any possibility of seeing an 1100mm X-Axis? I have a possible project in mind but I need to be able to cut 33" or 838.2mm in the X Axis. I plan on going to 1800mm in the Y Axis when I upgrade as well.

hmm you know I would defiantly contact Inventables on that one I am sure that the material used to make the maker slide comes in bulk lengths and you can cut it down to what ever you would like I might not be 100 percent on that though because of the tapped holes in the end

Unfortunately on the part order area they say so far there are a no current plans but I’m hopeful that will change once the initial X-Carve owners upgrade and new X-Carve sales cool. Would be smart for them to keep inventory for the existing community then later on offer larger sizes. If they do then Ill put the one I ordered up for sale and upgrade. I’m sure they have their reasons for not offering one today as a 1000mm span is wide for what were doing with it.

My plan B would be to order a pair of 1800mm V Rails cut to size and make a bunch of the stiffening pieces on a 3d Printer which I don’t currently own one yet but its getting close. I think the stiffening pieces can also be used as channels to pool an epoxy between them to further stiffen the V-Rails. So every foot say a 3 inch gap between the stiffening pieces tape off the bottom then fill the channel with epoxy.