Upgraded Xcarve no

I just uppgraded my old XCarve to Nov 21 update
(9 mm belt Upgraded Z axiis and new and also a new computer )

I set up the machine as a new machine in EASEL , and tryed to jog it in all directions , and all seems to work fine ,
But i mostly use ”universal GCode sender ” With Vectric
But in ”UGS it connect , but jogs really slow and a weird sounds.

I set up,a new computer , do i need to install any drivers to make it work with UGS”?

Or is there anything else i missed?

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that new “Z” makes more noise than the spindle, increase the “Z” speed. the noise will minimize.
slow “Z” equals more noise.

Ok , thankyou ,
I noticed that in Easel as well that Z was a bit louder,
But there is another problem with ”UGS”
Its connects ok with my comport , but it nearly dont mowe (really slow movement)
When i Jog it ,and its the same in all directions.

try this instead > OpenBuilds Software - FREE Software for CNC Control: OpenBuilds CONTROL and OpenBuilds CAM

I think it was that easy that feedrate in ”UGS” was set too 100 ,
I set it to 1000 and now it works as it should i think