Upgraded Z-Axis Design

@JeremyJohnstone thanks for the clarification on that.

@JanVanderlinden I have not heard from Mark recently about the updated Suckit bracket and have not received a test unit. I don’t know if they are waiting on me to send one of my units. Due to the issues which arose surrounding the Z height I have not sent one yet, but I should be able to send them one very soon. In the meantime if anyone who is getting a replacement plate wants it I can include a simple 3d printed spindle-mounted dust shoe. The work-around @JeremyJohnstone has shown could also work if you don’t mind doing some temporary modifications.

Can you expound the dust shoe modifications that you did.
Maybe some pictures also.

Once all the kinks are worked out and the suckit can be adapted I am very interested. Haven’t pulled the trigger on an ebay unit because of price, too shiny, and lack of dust boot. What does this unit cost?

I just talked to Jenn yesterday and she will be sending out some test kits sometime next week. I would suggest that you contact her and be prepared to send them a unit. I know she is still interested in working with you.

Hey, Clyde, I was told some wednesday or thursday of last week. Must have been pushed back?

My workaround:

Yes, she was going to send them out this week but they decided to wait until they finished some updates to their designs. She’ll mail them when she has everything together. Be patient. What I was lobbying for was a design that would work with anything from the stock unit up to 7" to 8" so she had to order some parts. Remember, this is just the beginning test stage and there will a few revisions before they get it to where they are happy with it.

Very nicely done.
I like it, thank you.

Just a quick update – I’ve made some changes to the manual PDF and added it to the product page on my store. I still need to make some renders / diagrams but the updated text should make things a little more clear.

Here is a direct link to the updated manual.



I got the new extended plate in and bolted up after we came back from hurricane evacuation. I’m making a checker board for my son. Everything is coming out good. I’m running a lot faster than I used to with better results over the stock z axis


My update.
Kyle gave me the option getting a new unit or waiting until he got the 30mm drop plates finished.
I opted for the later as my gantry is also raised with Charlie’s plates.
I received the new unit this week and installed it Saturday.
Sunday I finally got to try it out.
This thing is FANTASTIC.
It made a world of difference in the stiffness and it is absolutely smooth as glass.
There is zero chatter when running a cut.
And the black color just makes it look like its part of the Xcarve.
Thank you Kyle, you have a great product and I hope you have much success.

On a different note.
During my conversations with Kyle, he gave me the option of either returning the unit or donating it.
Therefore it will not be for sale by me and wherever it goes will first be approved by Kyle.
I live in Columbus Ohio and will deliver in this vicinity or it can be picked up by Whom ever Kyle approves of.

My first project with the new Z Plunge


What dust control system is that? I like the longer brushes

It is the Suckit dust boot.
However it comes with only 1" long brush and I wanted a little more clamp clearance.
So I ordered an 1 1/2 brush from McMaster Carr and cut it down to 1 1/4.
It works great.

Did you have to modify the dust boot for additional width?

Yes I did.
I took Jeremy Johnstone’s Idea and ran with it.
I still want to see what suckit comes out with though.

Did you route it out so the entire body of the router could go through the base plate? Or is that standard

No, it comes that way.
But it also comes with a shield that screws on from the bottom with a hole just large enough for the bit.
With the down draft from the router itself and the suction from the dust collector it is not needed, so I leave it off.

Here are the simple modifications:

I highly recommend to do what @JanVanderlinden did; two notches in the aluminum rails for the two bolts instead of one.

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@JanVanderlinden I am glad you are enjoying it and I must thank you for being patient. This is the first production run of a new product, and my first time bringing a structural / mechanical product into production (not including circuit boards etc.) so it has been an interesting learning experience. It’s one thing to design and build a one-off item for yourself but making a quantity of them presents a lot of unique challenges!

I should finally be getting a test unit to the Suckit team in the next couple of days and hopefully I will be getting one of their test units to perform my own validation with. I wanted to make sure the users who had issues were able to resolve them and I think that is moving along well now.


Ok finally installed my zplunge with 30mm drop plate… 113mm of travel, rock solid. I also installed my 292oz motor and 2:1 pully.

Now to figure out the suckit.

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