Upgraded Z-Axis Design

@AdamWagner I have been shipping new units with the 30mm offset carriage plate. I had to order some more fasteners and packing material but those should be in tomorrow – if you order, I can probably ship tomorrow or Friday depending on how soon the order comes in.

I am also going to be making some 60mm plates and should have a few of the 12" units ready if you have larger lift plates.

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Quick update – I have added some new product options to the order page:

There is now a drop-down for the carriage plate options (30mm offset, 60mm offset, or Original). The Original is suitable for Bosch spindles on machines with no gantry lift plates, as well as those using a VFD type spindle with greater height variability. 30mm is recommended for DeWalt spindles and machines with up to 1" of gantry lift. 60mm will work for machines with up to 2" of gantry lift, but may not offer adequate travel for some applications. I will be adding the 12" version to the store soon which is recommended for machines with larger than 1" lift.

I also now have nickel-plated rods in stock. These are the same rods as the original version except with a layer of electroless nickel which provides excellent corrosion resistance. As a quick test I soaked the end of one rod in warm concentrated salt water for 4 hours and saw no signs of corrosion. I am offering the plated rods at a small additional cost; the original rods are still available as an option but I would recommend the plated ones especially if you are in a coastal region.

The option for anti-backlash nut has also been added. This can be added with the Zplunge product or purchased independently for those who may want just that product.

Both the Zplunge 10" and the anti-backlash nut can be found at the following page:


This Z axis look very similar to the Zplunge.

Some time ago I bought a Z axis from this seller for my “new to me” Xcarve.


Looks like someone lifted the copy right off my site – with a few little changes of course… “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” :slight_smile:

I haven’t posted here in a while but I do have some things going on. I am redesigning my direct drive to keep costs and complexity lower and allow for the choice of lower-cost or higher-durability bearings. Once complete I will post it and the 12" Zplunge on the store.

I also took this video a while back but forgot to post it since I didn’t have a USB-C cable for my new phone at my office. This is a demonstration of the Zplunge with a Suckit Dust Boot for Upgraded Z-Axis kit!

The new Suckit is available from http://www.suckitdustboot.com as either a complete kit or a bracket upgrade kit for existing Suckit owners.

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where is your z-axis located on the suckit website?

or is it not up yet?

My product (Zplunge) is not on the Suckit site. You can find it at http://store.knucleon.com .

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I have recently purchased this Linear Z kit and with the exception of struggling with the bearing pre-load parts it was a pretty simple installation.

I have over doubled my aluminum milling speed, now I am waiting on the upgraded suckit so I can stop babysitting this thing.

What $$ values has everyone moved to for their z axis with the acme screw to speed it up?

I set mine to $112=1000 and $122=100, basicly doubled speed and acceleration

How has the experience been since the change? Any adverse effects?

I kept up ing the speed till I lost steps, then I cut it in half. Adjust personally for your machine.

I built my own so FWIW:
ACME screw
Nema23/269oz running at 2.6A and 24V PSU

Video of it running @ 1500mm/min - https://youtu.be/LPARGCixs3k

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Fellow Columbusian here, Why is that logo coming out of your X-Carve?!?!?!?!?!?


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So you don’t carve those ugly Ms on your firewood like @JanVanderlinden must be doing?

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Here’s another one that came out of the Xcarve.


Much better!
I’m in Columbus too. Like many of us, I stuck here after graduating OSU.

Same here! It stays in your blood! @JanVanderlinden the second one looks much better!

Another one here in Columbus. More than I imagined…

The competition continue!!
Here another one for the X-Carve, like the one from Newbie but 4" wide.


I have a new product on my store! Now available is the Zplunge XL, a new 12" length version of the Zplunge linear axis. Features include the following:

  • 2" additional drive length for increased clearance and depth – perfect for machines with 2" increased height!
  • Thicker 5/16" base plate to maintain rigidity with longer design
  • Standard 60mm offset plate for increased reach with standard router (also made from 5/16" plate)
  • Included Custom Leadscrew – 9.5" length and threaded end with grub screw for either standard belt drive or direct drive (coming soon!)

Please check out the link below for pricing and ordering!