Upgraded Z axis with cnc4newbie ebay slide

A few days ago, I ordered a Z axis slide from the CNC4NEWBIE store on Ebay
https://www.ebay.com/itm/272686042076 and just got it installed. I’m posting this in the hopes it helps somebody else.

First, the slider is rock solid, and I couldn’t be happier. I believe that the particular model I ordered has a different screw than the other ones (I kept running across a number of $102=50.059, but that did not work for me at all. I wound up around $102=248 though I still need to dial that in.

Anyway, since I was putting the thing together I made a quick video to help anyone who might be on the fence about getting one of these. I’ve already made a few quick carves and noticed a remarkable difference.

Check the video here.


Thanks! I’m contemplating this same upgrade, but thinking about the 8 inch version.

I have one too as an upgrade. It is a beautiful piece of machining.

I just got mine last week and planning to upgrade after the new year.

Yes. The main one that is sold on his website for the Xcarve (https://cnc4newbie.com/store/en/xcarve-slider/xcarve-slider-p89c66/) is 3.175 turns per inch whereas the one you bought is 16 turns per inch.

Given you’re still at 2X microstepping, the 16 turns per inch should be around 252.16 steps/mm if I did the quick math right, so 248 is in the ballpark.

You may not be able to run the Z axis as fast due to the slower screw (will require a much higher rpm to go faster) but it’s still better than stock.


Thank you for your awesomeness! I plugged those numbers in and I am good to go!!!

I have the same one with the 16 turns per inch screw. What is a good value for the z acceleration?

That should get you close.