Upgrades! Hobby or Addiction

Starting my fall improvements!! New linear Z-axis (cnc newbie) 6-7" and @philJohnson controller on the cheap side! A ways to go but i’ll get there!


Yeah, in keeping with the CHEAP theme I had to, those bad boys are expensive, like $50,00 for a 6’ length. Thanks I’v been studying your schematics for about two weeks now, dang near memorized them!


Those are awesome! You must post the easel project, I want to cut some now just for fun…:slight_smile:

I designed these in V Carve Pro, if some one will chime in and let me know how I’ll be glad to!

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I actually use vcarve pro, so I can use the crv, however to use in easel I’m not sure, perhaps export as svg or dxf…

I loaded the ducts into the projects


Need help setting the steps per mm on my new linear z! It moving about twice as far as it should. I have $102=95.25. It was at $102= 188.976 with the stock z and the new z moved 3.75 inches when set to move 1 inch. Thanks guy, oh I do have the fast turn screw as well

Thanks a million Sir, worked like a charm! New $102=50.394 ,course I’m using a steel ruler to go by lol. Thanks again greg

@PhilJohnson, I’m having a hell of a time getting 18 ga wire into the screw shield on the cheap controller, would it be ok to use 22 ga to the terminal blocks? Thanks greg

i bought the same one you used from adafruit.i’ve twisted them as tight as i could. always a few strands not in the hole. worried about a short between the terminals.

May try tinning the wire with soldier.

Tinning worked great, thanks for your help, almost have the arduino wires ran!

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No horns or Demons, just getting there. Completely wired in the box. Hoping to have installed, up and making chips and dust! Thanks again @PhilJohnson and @LarryM!


I must’ve been doing something wrong. In UGS, I switched to MM mode and tried this and ended up with around 400 steps. This caused my system a bit of concern when I switched back to inches. lol I did it by eye with a steel ruler and started at 40 and worked my way up to around 52. Not sure how to get it more accurate other than start carving. I’m glad I’m in the same ballpark as you and wonder why they aren’t the same?

What do others using this Z axis have for their $102? What did you set for the other Z axis grbl settings? ($112, etc).

My $102 is at 50.075 after I changed the lead screw to a fast travel one. When I originally got it my $102 was at 251.968. It depends what lead screw you got. Did you search for stepper calibration? There are plenty of posts how to calibrate your steps/mm

Yes, I searched. My earlier posts describes how I tried to use Phil’s tutorial and ended up making it travel too far.