Upgrades to Shapeoko 2

First off, congratulations on the new X-Carve. It looks very nice. But, as a relative new Shapeoko 2 owner, I was wondering if there is any stated commitments to being able to upgrade the Shapeoko 2 without converting to X-Carve?

Put another way, if I want to upgrade from the 500mm bed to the 1000mm bed, do I first have to upgrade to X-Carve, or will the parts still be available to upgrade a Shapeoko 2? If they will still be available, is it know for how long these parts will be available --1 year, 2 years, 6 months? (and I am speaking generically, not just in terms of the bed size upgrade).


Hey Jim,

It depends on the upgrades you are looking for. If you want to get the 1000mm size for a Shapeoko, you can still just buy 1000mm makerslide and extrusions, longer belts and a bigger wasteboard.

However the upgrades on the configurator are designed to work with the X-Carve mechanical components, specifically mounting points. We don’t technically sell any “upgrade kits” for the Shapeoko 2. So your mileage may vary with those upgrades on a Shapeoko.

I upgraded my S2 to a 1000mm bed along with a host of other options. It was maybe an hours worth of work since you don’t have to take apart much. Look on for the project lists for a complete list of parts.

What options are there to improve accuracy and usability. I have the TinyG but have not installed it yet. Will it help especially with circles? Are there end stops or encoders available?

What is the difference between the two upgrade options for the Shapeoko 2? One is $200 and the other is $292.

Looks like the “core components” adds the 500mm Wasteboard, Wiring Kit, and 500mm Drag Cable kit. The configurator seems to need to be updated a touch in the “You’ll need to provide your own” section and possibly selecting those items instead of saying “none” for the wasteboard, wiring kit, and drag cable sections.

Hey Mike,

That’s a good question. Dan seems to think it includes more stuff, but the “Your Selection” pane on the right does not bear that out.

Hopefully someone can get us an answer.

Also @DanKim, @JimFoster:

There is only 1 upgrade option for Shapeoko 2:

The “X-Carve Core Components” comes with the carriages and plates, as well as the small hardware like v-wheels, nuts and bolts, etc.

The S2 upgrade does not include those since you already have enough from your Shapeoko (hence the price difference).

The Core components do not come with the wasteboard, etc. Those are individual options you can select below.

The 3 buttons on the top are “pre-made configurations”, then you can customize them with the radio / check boxes below.


The components are the same i jump to the 1 x 1 m directly, you only need more rail, cable, 2 x 2 extrusions, belts and MDF waste board… realy easy :wink:

My SO2.5.1 currently in the works.
50" x 40" Nema 23’s
Portable SO2.5.1

I use the TinyG and Chilipeppr to run it. It was a very nice upgrade over the stander controller shield IMO. I added the limit switches and when I was still learning the mill, they saved me more than once for sure. Just be sure to use shielded cable for them also, like 20AWG shielded wires to block noise or they false trigger 1 in every 20 jobs and it drives you mad.

Is the shipping date for the Shapeoko 2 upgrade the same as the full X-Carve kit (end of April)?


I am unable to get control of the spindle motor using the Tinyg and Chilipeppr. I cannot find instructions on how to configure the spindle motor. When the unit is powered the spindle starts up and sending a M05 command does not stop it.

Any suggestions on where to find instruction?.

I feel like this is a dumb question, but what exactly does the Xcarve upgrade kit for the Shapeoko2 include? I wasn’t able to find a BOM on the configurator.


I received new end plates for the Y axis, new motor mounts for the Y axis, the new X axis unified assembly, new belts, new and improved belt tensioner clips, new Z axis hardware that allows the Z axis to be belt driven. All the necessary bolts, nuts, washers etc to connect the new parts.

You will need to reuse the top bearing from your SO2.

The 24V spindle, spindle mount, power supply, wiring limit switches, and ACME Rod for the Z are all optional add ons

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