Upgrades z axis and stepped motor

Upgraded Z axis and stepped motor 269oz…do I need to change setting Or values. And in what program? Can I change it in easel ? Any help would be a appreciate or link…I can’t seem to find example what I am looking for…

You need to recalibrate GRBL parameter $102

  • First install Z-axis, measure with a caliper (digital if possible) and command a 1" jog - measure actual travel.
    What is it?
  • In Easel->Machine Inspector Console window the new value can be entered.
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Awesome. That is exactly what I needed to know. I been here for a few months and have had much success with all the posts and replies. I just couldn’t find even though I know there are multiple threads on it…appreciate your time and looking forward to learning more and helping.

The other thing you should know is that unlike the steps/mm for X and Y, Easel setup overwrites your steps/mm for the Z axis based on what leadscrew you tell it you have. So keep track of the value that’s correct for your machine and know that every time you run Easel setup you’ll have to go back in and fix it.

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Great. I will keep that in mind. I also have changed the belt pulley and rollers to 9mm. what do i need to change the value to?

Can you clarify what you mean by ‘run Easel setup’? Are you sating each time you open Easel to use it or something else?

Not every time I use Easel. Easel stores its settings in the browser, so if I set up Easel on a new machine, or if the browser loses the stored settings, or if I need to change a setting like touch probe thickness which can ONLY be set at Easel setup time and cannot be changed via a dialog later, or I run Easel in a different browser on the same machine, in any of these cases you have to run the initial machine setup in Easel before you can control your machine with it.

I thought all those grbl settings were stored in the controller.

They are, but unless you go through the Easel machine setup you won’t get the green carve button, and while the X, Y steps/mm settings are not touched by the Easel setup, the Easel setup DOES send code to GRBL to re-set your Z steps/mm based on what Z axis you tell it you have in the menus. I did post a suggestion that a “none of the above” menu item be added to Easel setup for Z axis which would not change the configured value, but I haven’t heard that this has been added.

Here’s a link to the feature request I posted a while back: https://discuss.inventables.com/t/please-add-something-else-for-easel-z-machine-setup/71458