Upgrading 500mm to 1000mm x 1800mm

Hey guys! Upgrades, Upgrades, Upgrades, right?

I have the 500mm x-carve and I’m looking to upgrade to 1000mm x 1800mm.

My main question is with the main bar that the router sites on - the x-axis - when upgrading is it just two 1000mm makerslides placed back to back? I couldn’t find this part in the shop. Maybe I missed it?

So far I know I’m looking at

MakerSlide Black 1000mm X 6 (?)
Alu. Extrusion 20mm × 20mm Black 1000mm X 4 (cut to lenght)
Longer wires
Longer Drag chain
Upgraded Stepper motors

Am I missing anything else?

Hey Adam -

The wide makerslide is a little tough to find in the shop. They have it under X-Carve Upgrades, but not under Makerslide or Extrusion. Here is a link: Wide MakerSlide – Inventables, Inc.


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I cannot seem to find any more about extending this unit has anyone currently done so? Pretty much regretting buying the Non inevitable inevitable xcarve.

@KevinCarlson I seem to be answering about this a lot today…

Please see https://discuss.inventables.com/t/larger-than-1000-in-2023/145821/2