Upgrading a Shapeoko 2 to the Latest X-Carve

I have a Shapeoko 2 and I have purchased both the Shapeoko 2 and X Carve upgrade kits. I have three questions:

  1. I would like to also upgrade either the X or Y axis to 750mm. Which axis would be the better to upgrade? What additional parts would I need to do this?
  2. Would it be worth upgrading the motors during the move to X Carve?
  3. Would it be better to do each upgrade in turn or simply dismantle the Shapeoko and build the unit from scratch?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Thanks everyone for the replies. Based on your replies and doing some more reading I have decided:

  1. To upgrade the X axis to 750mm. I think the parts I need are the Wide Maker Slide, longer stepper motor cable and the drag chain kit. I’ll most probably add some supports under the waste board.
  2. To upgrade the motors from NEMA17 to NEMA23. I’ll also need the large GT2 pulleys. I might leave the Z axis motor as a NEMA17.
  3. To dismantle the Shapeoko and build from scratch.