Upgrading from vcarve desktop to vCarve Pro

I will give you a piece of your own advice. Call Vectric support.

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I’m betting you have to download and install the Pro version along side the Desktop.
I did the trial version and when I bought Desktop I had to download/install Desktop and then uninstall the trial.


I’ve had really good support from Vectric. They even helped me with some problems before I bought their software.

It may be true that nobody has the customer support that inventables has, although I’m inclined to doubt it because of another company I deal with that isn’t CNC related that has a customer service just as good as inventables. And by your own advice, I meant call the company. You have recommended calling inventables several times. You are now asking about another company’s products. The same advice applies. My own experience with Vectric has been very good.

I upgraded from Vcarve Desktop to Vcarve Pro. I simply sent an email to customer service since the exact cost wasn’t clear from their web site. I had only purchased Desktop a week previous. If I remember correctly, they sent me an IP address and the exact cost to pay for the upgrade. The next morning (their AM), they sent me the code to access the download site to download Pro. The cost was the difference between Desktop and Pro. Their customer service was excellent. I’ve been extremely pleased with both the product and their service. I haven’t used Easel since.

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I have and I do not regret it.
They have good support and I really like the software.

Same, I upgraded from desktop to pro, went on their site, paid the difference, I got a download link and a code via email. Took about 30 minutes for the emails to show uo, and I did it on a Sunday afternoon…

I originally bought cut2d and upgraded to vcarve desktop. Yep a email was it.

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To answer your last question… YES, V CARVE Pro is a completely separate download and completely separate program from Desktop… once you download and install it you can actually run both Desktop and Pro…I sometimes copy and paste across the two.
Pro comes with a small set of “Gadgets” but once you install Pro and have it running for a while, you can go to the Vetrics site and download FREE gadgets like “gear maker” and “Tangents” and Dado Maker…

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