Upgrading Shapeoko 2 to X-Carve

A few questions, what all is included/involved in upgrading the Shapeoko 2 to the X-Carve? I just finished building the Shapeoko last week and want to know what all I’m missing out on.

You can upgrade the mechanical components, the spindle, and the power supply. This video does a nice overview. The mechanical upgrades will make the machine stiffer and more accurate.

If you just select Shapeoko 2 upgrade on the configurator, you can roughly see the items it comes with in the 3D view. Here is a link to that. It includes all the pulleys you need to the new Z axis style. You actually get 2 versions of the pulley in case you have a NEMA23 on the Z.

Once you get that, all of the other X-Carve options will be compatible with your machine.

Do you guys know yet whether any of the Improbably Construct upgrades will still fit the X-Carve parts? I’m thinking specifically about the NEMA23 belt drive upgrade. Or is that functionality already built into the X-Carve?

I emailed help@inventables.com, but maybe this would have been a more helpful location.

Would you be able to add the extruded spindle clamp/mount by itself to the configurator? Would love to pick one up for my 48v 300w spindle.


The new Z uses a pulley and belt. The pulley is a different size on the Improbable Construct upgrade. We include the pulley for NEMA 17 and 23 in the upgrade kit.

If there is enough interest we may sell items like the mount individually in the Inventables store.

Are there any plans to create a video showing the steps necessary to upgrade an assembled Shapeoko 2 to an X-Carve?

Yes, we are working on that right now.


What is exact composant on this option Upgrade for $200.
I calculate and the price is different.
MakerSlide End…7,50$…x4…30,00 $
Gantry Side Plate…18,50$…x2…37,00 $
Z Axis Motor Plate…17,50 $…x1…17,50 $
X Carriage Extrusion…17,50 $…x1…17,50 $
Total…102,00 $

Thank for time.

@ElieHeloua The upgrade kit is very comprehensive and includes everything you would need to upgrade the machine from either a NEMA23 setup or a NEMA 17 setup. The things you are missing are…

(6) Belt Clips
(12) Feet of additional GT2 belt. (X-Carve Travel is a little longer)
(1) 5mm Bore Pulley (NEMA 17 Z Motor)
(1) 1/4" Bore Pulley (NEMA 23 Z Motor)
(1) 8mm Bore Pulley (Z Asix Lead Screw)
(1) Loop Belt (For Z)

  • All the hardware you would not have
    (circa 3/25/2015)

You can definitely save some money if feel you don’t need everything and want to buy them individually. That is why we will be making all the parts available separately.

Thank you for the information.
I had ordered this kit is to reassure me that it is complete.
So no need to break my head.

please can you confirm that you get the Spindle Carriage as this to me is a good part of the x carve upgrade

You do not get the spindle carriage. The upgrade kit gets your Shapeoko to the “X-Carve Core Components” level. You can then apply any of the subsequent configurator options. You would order the “300W 24VDC Spindle Kit” to get those parts. If you have a Quiet Cut spindle, you only need to get the Spindle Carriage..

yes i do have the Quiet Cut spindle, but unable to add to order it as out of stock.
i ordered the upgrade kit believing i would have everything i needed to upgrade . that sucks . there was no option to add it to the order so i don’t understand why its not in the upgrade kit .
will it be available in time to be sent with my order or can i cancel until a later date.
i live in the UK so postage and customs are a concern (not practical for small orders).

I am sorry about that. The part will be available at the time your order will ship. I’ll have customer service contact you about adding it to your order.

well appreciated thanks
got the E-mail very fast and customer service sorted me out, all in quick time.

to sort someone out so fast at a busy time of a launch of a new product say’s a lot in my book . Props to you

Any updates on shipping the X-Carve Upgrade kits?

Are there plans to attach a knob like was available for the Shapeoko 2 for fine tuning the Z access?

Here’s an unofficial update. We have all but 3 parts in stock in the warehouse. Kitting of the modules has begun. The modules on the configurator consist of a number of different parts. We’ve set up 3 new areas of our warehouse the “company store” (photo below), a kitting station for modules, and a packing station for orders.

We don’t have a formal plan for the knob because we added the arrows into Easel to make precise jogging easy. If there is a demand for a knew knob we can take a look at that. I’ve been using the arrows and I like the precise control so I’m anxious to hear what other people think.

We’ll do a more formal update with more detail next week.



Thanks for the update! If they happen to get my order ready early I’m ok with it!