Upgrading Shapeoko2 500mm^2 to X-Carve 1000mm^2

Want to make sure that I’m not missing anything here for upgrading my 500mm Shapeoko2 to a 1000mm X-Carve.

  • Upgrade kit
  • 1000mm rail kit
  • 1000mm wiring kit
  • 1000mm wasteboard
  • 1000mm drag chain (already have it)


Because I always overdo things, I would also order some extra:

I put two supports equally spaced in the wasteboard support frame, to better support my wasteboard (an extruded aluminum bed in my case) Having extra extrusion brackets was necessary. I have them on each side of each support section. My frame is rock-solid

Any you will never have enough t-slot nuts. Just get extras :wink:


I currently have the Shapeoko 2 as well and I’m looking to upgrade to the 1000mm x-carve like you. You mentioned you’re getting the upgrade kit but I was wondering if you were going with the x-carve core components ($292) or the shapeoko 2 upgrade kit ($200)? Can you explain what the difference is? I’m not quite sure. Do you plan on keeping your same power supply? Thanks