Upgrading spindle

I’m am wondering is there an approved spindle list anywhere that would show what options are available for the x carve outside the dewalt 611. I am looking for something a little more robust to help speed up the production time. I have been looking at several 1.5-2 kw or 2.5 hp spindles but was unsure if they would work with the system.

Is there a recc range so i can search based on that then? Obviously mounting will have to br figured out but i can work that portion.

There’s quite a bit of info on the forums for air-cooled/water-cooled spindles with VFD’s. Here’s one link: VFD and Air cooled spindle

If you search for “VFD spindle”, you’ll find several posts about them.

I have a 800W air cooled spindle with a 2.2KW vfd, and I love it. You don’t have to worry about a water cooling system, and it’s quieter than the Dewalt setup.

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I agree with Tarry, water cooled (and air cooled) spindle is the best bang for your buck. Buy from a reputable vendor and you’ll be a very happy camper.