Upgrading Stepper Motors

I recently received four 269oz stepper motors as well as 9mm GT3 belting. Do I need to calibrate all the steppers? I understand how to test and set the x/y, but how would I test the Z? Thanks

There are plenty of threads on the forum regarding calibration of all axis. Search and you’ll find em. You test the Z the same way you test X/Y. Measure starting point, move it, remeasure.

Can you share the dial indicator you use for the Z axis? Thanks

Most likely not.

Most steppers have a magnet array = 200step/revolution
As long as you replace a 200step kind with a 200step kind its a straight swap.
Almost any stepper sold is the 200step kind.

A ruler will suffice for many, a dial indicator (analogue or digital) will be more precise.

got this off amazon, works well.

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Awesome info, thanks all!