Upgrading Y end plates vs Gantry side plates

If I’m wanting to add 1-2" height to the Z Axis, Is there an advantage to replacing the gantry side plates vs just replacing the 4 Y axis end plates at the corners? It seems like the latter would be easier, but work just as well, unless I’m missing something? I’m eyeing the Triquetra side plates with the thinking that I would also get a CNC4Newbies longer travel Z slider, but I see some people going taller with their gantry and keeping the side rails low, so it had me wondering what the upside and downside of each is.

There are so many discussions around the forum on this. I guess it’s all about preference. I personally raised my Y rails and went with the new wide makerslide instead of the stock rails. @PhilJohnson has a set of risers designed for the stock X plates that bolt on here somewhere for free.

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@CurtisCummings Yeah, I read a number of threads on how to do each and where to get parts, or how to design them, but I wondered if there was a genuine difference in capability when going one way vs the other. I like the idea of switching to the wide makerslide instead of the stock rails, what all does that entail? Was the improvement in rigidity notable?

If you want to use the wide MS then Charlie’s plates won’t work. You’ll have to cut your own or have someone else do it. You’ll need another pair of X axis plates 8 more wheels. Some 85mm bolts and a whole bunch of spacers. I have a post around here called. “Finally looking like an XCarve again… we’ll kind of.” It has some details and links to others that did the upgrade. @BobJewell followed my lead and improved on the design (which I quickly followed).

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Now how did you sneak that reply past me. I have slow fingers.

I thought he might but wasn’t going to speak for him lol.

Damn, it sounds like I may just have to do all the things. :slight_smile:

Might as well extend my Y rails if I’m gonna go wider with them, too!

But alas, I’m getting way ahead of myself since I’m still sitting here waiting for delivery of my X-controller…