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Upload screen captures to Post taken on a MAC

I have searched the Forum for help on this but didn’t find anything, so I’ll ask in a new topic. I’m taking screen captures on my MAC, they are saved as PNG files and when I go to upload it always gives me a warning “Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.” I’ve tried saving as JPG file but get the same warning.
Images are quite small in file sizes are 90 - 120 KB and approximately 800px X 900px.

Any thoughts on this :weary:


It’s not you. There’s an issue with uploading any file.

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Thanks @NeilFerreri1

Thank you for the reply, but I do know how to take screen caps, the Forum has issues and cannot upload images.

should have been resolved this morning btw :slight_smile:

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Thank you Seth for letting me know. :+1: