Upper Cabinet add ability to add reveal under cabinet 1 inch

Is it possible to add the ability in upper cabinets to add a 1" reveal on cab bottom to for under cab lightly. Also in the kitchen or room view the ability to lower the upper cabinet closer to the lower cab so that you can add a trim on top of cab.

Maybe add a function to lower cab from ceiling height by 1 or 2 or 3 inches.


Kind of along these lines (I might have already asked this elsewhere, but I feel like it’s still in my head and not been written out yet - apologies if I’m rehashing the same question over again)…

Is it possible to “layer” upper wall cabinets? For example, if I’m looking for ceiling height cabinets with a standard wall cabinet with a small glass front cabinet above it, is there a way we could maybe establish multiple planes to work on? As it stand, there’s two working planes, base and wall. But what if we could establish a “floating plane” or something like that where we could add in multi-layered wall cabinets. This might also facilitate something like a single drawer that spans a gap, say 26" off the floor, where a desk could be built into a nook or something like that.

I’m thinking this ties to what BillGeorge is saying by being able to lower the cabinet from the ceiling by a few inches - if the “wall cabinet” had the ability to define a starting plane (0/default = at the ceiling, 2" could accommodate the addition of molding, 12" could accommodate the addition of another layer of wall cabinets above it, etc. From there, the same mechanics could be brought to the lowers to get the desk drawer functions as well.)

Maybe this helps? Maybe this makes it more complex. Either way, now I know I’ve gotten it out of my brain and onto the page!