Ups tracking updates out of order?

Ever since i have received my shipping confirmation, i have been constantly checking the tracking on my order, there are 3 for the main components, the makerslide, and the wasteboard. but i have notice that the ups hasnt updated the tracking locations? it went from it arrived to one city then another without departing the first city? and my waste board, is showing that it hasnt shipped yet? could it be that it just hasnt updated the tracking, and is in transit? or that ups is holding it because its just too big. Just wanted to know if anyone is having the same or similar problems. i hope i can get everything by the end of the week, but it very discouraging when ups doesnt update the tracking.

My delivery was spread out over 3 days,how I don’t know received waste board on Wednesday and other 2 boxes on Friday,tracking was screwed up the whole way except for when they were all picked up.