UPS with the Dewalt 611 and X Controller?

I just got my X-Carve cnc machine with the Dewalt 611 router as a spindle. It has been amazing so far. Any issues that I have had, I figured out, with little loss of stock.

However, I am having an issue with running other tools while I run my CNC machine. My whole shop shares a 30A breaker, which means it should have no issues running my dust collector, cnc machine, and another pretty high-draw tool without tripping. However, the sudden changes in power draw are causing my cnc controller to have issues. The router spindle will just shut off and come back on, and the controller will just turn off and on as well, but the laptop wont recognize it until I turn the controller back off and on again.

I am thinking of getting an uninterruptible power supply for the CNC machine. The Dewalt 611 is only 7 amps. The x controller is 400w, so I assume maybe 3.5A.

Does this mean that I need a UPS with that much Amperage/Wattage rating? Or can I get something with less if it just needs to smooth out bumps in power caused by me using other tools? Would this likely fix my problem? Is it worth it? Any recommendations?


The strange part is that the controller AND the spindle are both restarting. This results in the computer saying the connection is lost and then restarted spindle just sits there in place. It does not ruin any pieces, but it is annoying to have to restart the whole operation.

Ups for the computer and x controller.

Look with something with Active Voltage Regulation. Or just a pure line conditioner. (Search Google for power filter, or line conditioners) Add up the amps from your setup and add at least 10-20%. They get expensive the larger you go.

If the Dewalt is controlled by the X-Controller that would explain why it cuts out. If not, Dewalts are fussier then I would expect.

I was having a similar issue. Turing on or off the dust collector would cause the USB to drop. Line nose / RF interface causing problems with the computer.
Adding a powered USB Hub fixed the issue for me.