USB 2.0 with Intel Compute Stick


I will connect my X-Carve to a Intel Compute Stick (windows 10) that has a USB 2.0. Port. Do you think it will work ok?
I am seeing different opinions about USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, but I want to make sure I can use the Intel Compute Stick with the X-carve, before I assemble everything (otherwise I will return the stick) because I bought it just for that.


What generation / model are you going to use?
The latest Core m5 machines will probably work great.
The version of USB wont make any difference.
It will be all about the software.
Theoretically, since any of the previous generation models also run Windows, they should work as well.


Nevermind actually, The stick is super bad. It does not even conect to the internet, and has a lot of problems. I am returning it. I do not recommend the intel compute stick at all. It’s not polished and it has a lot of problems.

I believe that since you’re using the USB bus to communicate with the arduino as though it were a serial device, it doesn’t really have to be that fast, in fact, USB 1 ought to have enough bandwidth to send the commands to it.