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USB connection problem with MacBook Pro (CNC3-3018 pro)

I there !

I run a MacBook Pro mid 2015 with OS Sierra 10.12.6.
i have a CNC3-3018 pro machine with an additional external controller.

I tried different USB port and different connection setting :
( with and without the controller and usb connected to the controller … )

it seem that there is not a lot of solution for macbook user and CNC world …
no drivers … no software …

and it look like a problem of USB connection, between the Mac and the 3018pro,
like the macbook doesn’t recognized the CNC machine… so any software either.

i dont know how to fix this problem so if you have any tips or advice to help me !
I’ll be very thankful ! :pray:t4:

I dont know the 3018 but AFAIK its a GRBL-based machine.
Being GRBL it should connect to Mac no problem, unless there is a underlying problem.

I am using Macbook and iMac with no issues with my GRBL controller.

I am no resource for throubeshooting ports unfortunately, hopefully others will chime in :slight_smile:

Don`t use USB and Offlinecontroller at the same time! They didn’t work together…try plugging one out!

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yes I know … I already try !

allright !

im back to tell you that I finally find out how to fix my problem !
so I share to anyone in need the solution …

to recall my setup MacBook Pro mid 2K15 Sierra ! with a CNC 3018 pro
and personally, my problem came from the USB drivers that doesn’t fit between the CNC machine and the Mac ! and the Mac couldn’t link with CNC machine …

anyhow, a friend finally found out how to fix this problem …
first of all, he tried to install different type of language such as node and python using the terminal …

but the final solution, was the installation of : CH340 Drivers

find everything you need to know about it and how to install it juste here :
[How to Install CH340 Drivers -]

have a good day !
hope it will help !

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Thanks for update and quick reply. I’ll be sure to keep a eye on this thread. Looking for the same info.