USB Connection to the Computer

The USB port for the computer off the front of the HMI really inconvenient. I am always hitting it and the cable is always in the way. My questions is that the HMI appears to be providing a USB hub from the controller to the PC. Can we use a USB hub off the back of the controller and connect the PC there?

Not gonna lie, I agree with you here.

Since the USB itself sticks out a bit from the front, not only does it not provide a clean look, it’s prone to hitting things.

I personally leave my z probe plugged in all the time too. So, if I could have had these two plugs in the back, i’d be much happier.

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After Tim’s post, I decided to open up my HMI box and take a look. Much to my surprise I discovered the USB cable is a passive pass thru from the connection on the back of the box. You can see the cable clearly goes from the back to the front with no connections inside the HMI. That means you can take the USB cable off the back of your controller directly to your PC without going through the HMI.

Also plenty of room to drill a hole in the back and move the Z Probe jack.


Hey! Thanks for doing this. I had considered opening mine up to take a look, but assumed it would’ve been more complicated. lol.

I’ll definitely be making these adjustments. I appreciate it.

I ordered a USB A Male/Male cable and went directly from the back of the controller to the my PC and it works without any problems so far. I tested all the HMI functions and they still work also.

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Been using this extensively with no problems whatsoever. Cabled directly from the back of the controller to my PC without going through the HMI box.


Same here… no problems. No USB-C cable in my HMI at all.