USB Extension Cable

Has anyone tried using a 32 foot usb extension cable with the x-carve. I have a computer that I want to use for the x-carve that is about 35 feet away. I will use a laptop with gotomypc to control it while sitting in front of the x-carve. Just wanted to see if there was a problem with the long USB cable.


My USB cable 36 feet. If you connect 3.0 Usb output it works with no problem if your 2.0 Usb gives you problem you may have to use external powered USB hub. Which cost you maybe around $10 to 15.

Thanks. I only have one USB 3 plug but I do have a powered USB 3 hub plugged in it. Is you cable a extender or a regular cable?


Just a regular USB cable connected to USB 3.0