USB Nintendo controller for Jogging the machine

I have my computer off to the side of the machine so homing with a keyboard is kind of a pain going back and forth. I have a USB NES controller I figured would be great to use as a controller and set the keyboard shortcuts and after doing a search found this has already been brought up. I was able to make it jog in all directions X Y and Z however the keyboard shortcuts mentioned on the forums for pause/resume with space bar and abort cut and return home with “S” do not seem to work. Are there keyboard shortcuts for those or will I have to rig up separate buttons hardwired off the arduino pin outs?

Have you gotten this working correctly? I’d like to do something similar.

I do have it working for jogging the machine but not for pause resume and stop. I am going to build a control box with the NES controller as part of it with buttons for pause resume and a emergency stop hard wired into the Arduino. Unfortunately I do not have a heated garage so this project as well as the stiffening upgrades and dewalt upgrade will likely have to wait till things warm up in the spring when I can start playing with my machine again.