Use 2 Carvey's simultaneously

Can 2 CARVEY machines be used simultaneously from a single PC ?
Any answer would be appreciated. Thanks Harold

My guess would be no as there would be no way to differentiate between the two machines for the drivers.
I may be wrong on this, though.
If there was a way to “rename” on e of the machines and it’s driver, it may be possible.

Thanks. Are you on the staff of Inventables?

I am not, but have about 5 years experience in CNC and 3 with the Inventables X-Carve.
I also have over 25 years of experience working with computers and electronics.

But NO experience with CARVEY. Why does nobody from INVENTABLES answer this question.

[quote=“HaroldGinsberg, post:5, topic:65752”]
Why does nobody from INVENTABLES answer this question.

This is the user’s forum, not customer service.

It would be nice if someone knew the answer and responded, but it looks like no one has the answer.

if the OP wants an Inventables answer they should send a message to customer support.


Not with Easel.
With testing I’ve done, Easel will only communicate with one machine (one was a Carvey). If you open a new instance of Easel, it is already connected to the first machine.

Do you have two Carveys (Carvies?)? Have you tried?

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