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"Use a Free Day" has been moved

I spent a very frustrated few minutes after opening Easel to do a carve. After trying to do a free V-Carve and being greeted with no way to select “Use a free day” I figured that they decided to do away with free days for some reason. I try to schedule my pro days on the weekend so I don’t have to purchase Easel Pro. Turns out, it was moved to an “Options” section very recently. Support documentation on Inventables website does not yet reflect this change.

So heads up, you can still, they just don’t tell you you can up front anymore.


I just finished my free 30 day trial of Easel Pro but I have no option for my 4 days of free Pro under options. Where can I find them.

@JimTar when was your Easel account created?

In April of 2020 new accounts are no longer eligible for 4 free days per month. Instead they received a full 30 days for that first month. Since you’ve reported that you just finished the 30 then you must have a new account which is not eligible for the 4 free per month