Use dryer sheets to reduce static charge on the v-wheels

Whenever I mill aluminum, the chips to want to stick to the v-wheels. I guess it must be a static-charge thing, perhaps from the wheels moving over the rubber belts, I don’t know. I had been using a toothbrush to clean the chips from the wheels and tracks every 10 minutes or so while cutting. But today I found a better way. :slight_smile:

I rubbed down all the wheels belts and tracks with a dryer sheet, the ones that are intended to reduce static cling in the laundry. It helped, a lot! The attraction between v-wheels and chips seems to be broken, at least for now.


Great idea!
I got some of that cheap foam poster board from Dollar Tree, for $1 ( of course), and cut guards the length of my y axis rails, just under my X axis, and stick them in place, to create a physical barrier. Because it’s foam, and about 1/4" thick, I can press for them in place, and pull them out when I need to vacuum the table.
Also has some cushion in case I jog to far in X. Helps keep crud off the wheels and rails. :grinning: