Use Easel on a different machine?

Can one design on Easel and than copy this design and transfer to a different type of CNC machine?

Yes, you can generate the gcode in easel and send it to another machine to carve. I do this all the time. I use UGS as the sender to carve the project.

I do that from time to time. I find Easel easier for my children to understand and so I let them design in Easel and then export the Gcode and cut it on my Techno Isel.

Do you mean a different brand of CNC instead of the x-carve? Your question is a smidge vague of what you’re trying to do. But yes if the other CNC is a GRBL based CNC then yes. Or do you mean design on one computer and go to a different computer and run the carving (that’s also a yes, I certainly don’t want to sit in my basement to design stuff where the machine is!)