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Use last position after moving across Y (Pro feature)

I’ve been testing out the feature that lets you run the machine past the part in Y direction. When you initiate it after a part is done it moves in Z direction first and then Y. When you go back to last home position it moves in Z direction first then Y. Not a big deal really but since we have many users on the machine (pupils) it would be nice to know that it would clear the clamps/fasteners while moving in Y direction and then go down in Z direction. Is it possbile to change this permanently in the machine code ?


Excellent question. I have run I to the same issue. The first time I tried it I was not expecting Z axis change first, as that actually makes no logical sense. That time, it actually hit the clamps as a result and broke them. I adjust for that now but a code change to alter the sequence would be a preferable fix.


I would love to see this change also or figure out how to do it. I also have a couple of permanently altered clamps due to this. It makes no sense to me why it travels back home in the lowered z position.