Use last XY position doesnt work

Just a FYI I am REALLY new to Easel and CNC so if this is simple sorry for wasting your time, but I do believe it is an issue that needs to be resolved.

I have looked at the threads here in the forums but haven’t found a definitive solution.

When I change bits and select “use last home xy position” it doesn’t move to that position it just uses where it is as the “home” position. This has TOTALLY messed up some projects especially when I wasn’t quick enough with the stop.

So does this actually work? Do I have to use a different program instead of Easel to do this feature?

AKA Melon

Hey Todd,
If the gantry moves at all during the bit swap from like pushing the gantry while its not locked, then the machine should be rehomed or else “use last” is ineffective as the machine postion was lost when the machine was manually moved.

The best method of ensuring the machine holds locked is by making this change to the dip switches #4 and the change to $1 shown here:

If youve done these and are still managing to move gantry during the bit swap than you will want to rehome after the gantry was forcibly moved in order fot “use last” to work as intended.

However there is a 2nd option if you dont want to change the settings but if you do change the switches and the grbl settings than you wouldnt need to follow these steps.


Thanks, will try 1st option.


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