Use new spindle mount for Dewalt 611 for Makita Maybe?

With regard to the new spindle mount for the dewalt 611…
I’m in the UK and the Dewalt 611 is not avaiable… I do have a Makita 1/4" Router RT0700CX4 which is 3.9mm slimmer in diameter, I do have access to the right sized Shims to make the Makita a good fit…
Does anyone have any thoughts good or bad as to whether this would be a sensible solution or any other thoughts…
I must just say I’m really loving my x-carve….

I own both routers. The Makita would be great in the X-Carve if you can get a good fit. Same 1.25hp as the DW 611.

With the correct circular shim it should work. We shimmed a smaller spindle in our shop and it works well.

I haven’t tested your specific model so I can’t speak to that one specifically.

Is it perfectly round?

The Performax 1.25hp trim router (model 2410973) from Menards is identical to the Makita (other than plastics color). $30 less expensive too. MLCS also sells a 1hp version, identical design, for $69.

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Just bought dewalt d26200 from (151pounds) which is 230v and 900w 16000 to 27000 rpm and the 611 mount appears to fit - a tight fit. I am planning to install over the weekend but all my bits are 1/8 and I wonder if there is a converter to fit, or do I have to use only 1/4 bits.

The d26200 looks to be exactly the same as the 611, just wired for 220:

Dewalt DWP611

Here is an adapter:

Hi There
Can you let me know how you get on with the D26200 and the 611 mount please…

Yes it’s perfectly round…

Hi Stuey,
I finally managed to find some time and installed the D26200. It is a robust and the weight is over 4KG yes I thought it will be 2.2kg as read in some website, my worry was will it fit in the d611 and would my x axis support the weight. Now that I have installed it is perfect and my first cut was uneventful.
I could move on x y and z axis through Easel but when it came to carving it did not recognise com port.
I had to restart my laptop and then it carved fine

Dewalt D26200 costed 151UK pounds @
The head clearance is very tight but z axis moved up and down without any problem.

My first cut 4mm deep is a circle on 20mm thick pine wood with a v-bit and had no problem cutting.

I took the label sticker off the back of mine and then used a palm sander to sand off that raised area for the sticker. It now clears fine and you can’t even tell the router has been modified. :wink:

Thanks for letting me know how you got on, I appreciate it…
Think I’ll be ordering the new mount later on today…
All the best…

Thank you I will do it if I get into problems.What is the ideal gap that is safe?

Oh! by the way inventables supplied D611 spindle mount free as I had problems with my spindle which died sort of and they have supplied a replacement 300w spindle as well to UK took a week to arrive and I did not have to pay any customs on it. Contact help@inventables their customer service is excellent and are always helpful.

I just finished installing the Makita Compact Router. I designed and 3d print some ring spacers since makita is smaller than dewalt 611. The bottom ring also serve as air deflector so it wont blow air into the materials being cut.

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Can you provide me with the STL files for the ring spacers you made?