Use X-Carve as router sled?

I was wondering how hard it would be to disengage the stepping motors and use the cutting head and rails as a type of router sled that I could freely move around. Is there anything else that would restrict the movement. How hard would it be to remove the motors or other elements to do this occasionally?

Moving the machine by hand is difficult and can damage electronics if you move it fast enough. This is because the stepper motors generate a voltage like a car alternator when spun. You could remove the belts to disengage the motors.

The Y axis has two motors to help keep it “square” under load. Without that feature, you would be putting potentially damaging stress on the machine.

Hi John
Maybe you could use and just cut a square and have it move down a 1mm at a time so it would act as a router sled, you may need to look at upgrading the spindle and use a 1/4" dado bit otherwise it could take ages depending on the size of the piece.

OK, that’s the type of thing I was wondering about.