User Advice Please?

I’m brand spanking new to this. My question is related to dust collection requirements. I did purchase the collection system with my machine. I will be getting a shop vac. What is big enough, and at what point is it over kill?

Some of my parts were back ordered, so I didn’t even begin building yet. I live by myself, and have an upper level to my house that has just one bedroom (currently empty), and then attic space.The two rooms are separated by a thin wall. Not a standard 2"x4" wall.

My plan is to maintain the shop vac in the attic side, and just cut a 3" hole in the wall to run the hose through. In addition to that, I will have a padded enclosure for the vac to cut down on the noise.

So how much dust is created? I’m speaking specifically of the finer dust that floats around, not the large chunks. I realize a lot has to do with what I’m cutting, and how much of it, but just in general. Am I over thinking this? I considered creating a box type structure above the table, surrounded by plexiglass and then connect the hose to that box. It would be sealed, and the “ceiling” above the router area would be perforated to create suction within the plexiglass container.

Is that too much? I just don’t want to suddenly have severe dust issues in my house.

Any advice, knowledge or general smartassery comments are welcome.

Thank you

A dust collector is the only way to go.

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Thanks for the quick advice guys. In regards to a dust collector, are you speaking about one of the portable ones, with the 4’ or 5’ bag? I think Delta makes one. $180 or something like that.

Would something like this work?


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This is kind of what I had in mind. I actually think the dust collector is a great idea, and would work better for this application.

drawing.pdf (12.8 KB)

This is the one that I have.
Works fantastic.
When the bag fills up, I till the cuttings into the garden…

I vent mine outside. It has eliminated the very fine dust that would escape the bag. This is a harbor freight unit

Gotta agree, a dust collector is the only way to go if you are going to be serious with your CNC.

Shop vacs are simply not made for this application. Get the smallest micron filtration rating that you can afford.

The Harbor Freight unit is a good value and comes with a 5 micron bag, but you can get a 1 micron bag for it for around $30. With coupon the Harbor Freight is only around 150.00. Home Depot has one now for only $122 and it has a 1.5 HP motor and an incredible 0.5 micron filtration efficacy. However if you can afford a better one then it will surely serve you well in the years to come.

Excellent idea!