User defined origin location

Currently when you are moving an item an easel, you get the option to select which point of the item you want to specify the XY coordinate, any of the four corners or the center.

If you want to run a carve from the centerpoint of the workpiece, the simulation does not show the material and the negative x and y directions. I would like to be able to select the origin to be at the center (or upper left upper right or lower right) and have the preview reflect that instead of only being from the lower left hand corner.

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Can be done, but the preview will be not be very helpful in this case.

Custom Origin

@ShaneJamerson You can put it anywhere you want it so long as your project on the computer and the actual work piece are in the exact location relative to the x,y location. Look at this video. It a tiling operation but it gets the point across. (I hope).

@PhillipLunsford I am aware of what can be currently done, my request is to have the preview accurately reflect the user defined origin. Currently I have to have two work pieces to a project, one to see the correct preview and another for the correct origin.

The problem that this causes is if I make a changes to the one with the correct preview I have to copy everything over to the second workpiece. It would be more intuitive to have a single workpiece.