User input prompts for CNCjs


Recently started using CNCjs fro my g-code sending and so far I prefer it to all the other senders I’ve used, mostly UGS Classic and Platform.

I have been making some Macros fro CNCjs and was wondering if there is a way of prompting the user for a value. Similar to UGS Classic’s macros, (eg. $132=[prompt]).

I would like to make a macro that enables the Laser Mode without having to type in the full command also I wouldn’t mind using it in some other macros for probing.

Any help is appreciated.



Nothing like that, but I can see some value in it. I’d recommend adding it as a feature request.
@ChetonWu is very active in improving and developing CNCjs.

In the meantime, you could just make two macros, one to enable Laser Mode and one to disable. Probably faster that way…two clicks instead of two clicks, type value, click again.


I will get on to CNCjs to implement something like that in the future.