USG problems? ? Is this normal?

From day one this have given problems from not completely downloading to the steps in the manual move or jog change on me. Example in inches i manually move or jog it 1 it moves 1" run a cut path and then move it again manually 1 it only moves .040 of a inch, i need to up in 30 just to move it about 3".

So can it be consistent in steps in a cut path then?
Could this be why dimensions are off sometimes?
How and why would this change for no reason?
No its not changing to mm its staying on inches.

The gcode you are running contains commands that can switch the units from inches to mm or from mm to inches.

So depending on what gcode you run the units will be left in what ever system (imperial or metric) that the gcode set.

The command G20 set the machine to use Inches and the command G21 set it to mm.

Before jogging you should always check to see what units the machine is in, or force it to be in the units you want.

Im running VCarve pro in inches and UGS in inches. I have checked both when this happens and both are still in inches. Is there somewhere else to check?

Vcarve is very good about including the units (G20) command at the start of all the created gcode. I also use Vcarve with the inches post processor and UGS. I have not had any real problems. Sometimes I have noticed that if I switch from inches to mm in UGS when I want to jog manually it will not actually force the units till after the first jog movement. So I will switch from Inches to mm, jog the X axis .1 units and then switch back to inches jog .1 units and then back to mm to be sure I am in mm correctly before moving the Z axis to get the final Z zero set correctly,