Using 2 bit Cutting

trying to make a coaster most if the detail needs a 1/32 bit (ha ha) the speed to run a 1/32 bit it takes 2 hrs. to make a coaster :crazy_face: Other then any clues on speeding up the process if I’m using Easel and Candle will machine stop for bit change?

I just finished a project requiring 4 different bits. I used a vbit to set the X/Y location since it’s the smallest and easiest to set. Then just Z probed after every change. For each bit change I have a different workpiece defined to carve only the specific pieces for each bit.

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so if you did a coaster you may have 2 or 3 different jobs with different bits on each job. leave the piece on the bed until all 2 or 3 are complete?

Yes. Do all bit1 carves, then do bit2, bit3, and so on. If they all come from the same board, you should only have to set your X/Y axis location once, but still Z probe when changing bits.

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