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Using 2 bits: Specify which to use for a specific shape/vector in easel?

My design is a pattern, with a circle around it to cut it out. I’m using a detail bit & rough bit, and the detail bit is a v-bit.

My problem is that Easel wants to use the v-bit for the full-depth cut that cuts out the circle, and I can’t seem to force easel to use the rough-out bit for this instead, which means it’s trying to do a full-depth cut using a v-bit that isn’t even able to do that deep of a cut.

Hi James,

To accomplish what you are trying to do, you need to move the outline cut to a separate workpiece and set that workpiece up to use a single bit.

We get this question a lot, and we are looking into possible improvements to the workflow on this.


Thanks Jeff, that’s a big help. I’m sure you’ve heard this request too, but allowing more than a single “rough” and “detail” bit would be extremely beneficial. 3-stage tooling would probably save, at a rough estimate, 25% carving time: Large rough bit, then smaller rough bit, then detail bit. Especially for carved that have both lots of detail and lots of open areas to remove: a .25" bit to do the really rough stuff, then 0.125 for the close-in roughing, and 0.03125 for the final fine detail, etc.

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It’s been a few years and there is still no change to this work flow?

Ya. I’m hoping for this functionality for the exact same use case. Currently I also do the multiple workpiece, but it does clutter up things a little, and also makes it difficult to use the preview functionality…

I will be unsubscribing due to this lack of functionality that’s so basic.

That’s where V-Carve pro gives you a much more traditional multi-tool carving strategy (I don’t know if there is an actual limit in V-Carve Pro for how many tools on a single operation can be added) I’ve only done up to 3 (I mean on a machine like an x-carve how many tools do you seriously own? Like a 1/4" followed by a 1/8" followed by a 1/16" then a 1/16" ball-nose or a v-bit seems about the limit to any job I’m likely going to do. But the dialog looks like you could add as many as you want.