Using 2 different bites on the same project


How do I set up and project to have 2 different types of bites?

Every time i try to change one of the words to a v-bit everything changes…


Your bit sizes determine the detail that will show. If you add smaller bits you will get more detail. I have found doing two projects works better for my needs than two stage carving as you can’t tell it what to cut at least based on the limited experience I have. It cuts it all that it determines needs it.

I ned the 1/32 in the 1/32 bit and I need the v-bit in the v-bit.

Same project, just trying to make a sample sheet of each bit

Move 1 part to a second workspace and run 2 different cuts.

how would i know that everything is in the right spot when i do the second cut? say i wanna make sure the v-bit is centered and far enough below the 1/32

Just make a copy for the second workspace, it will be the exact same as the first. Then delete the part you will cut on the first workspace.

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Thank you

This. Just don’t move the piece and use last home.

If you change bits you you need to reset Z zero but can use last XY.

As long as the machine doesn’t slip when changing bits.

If it does, you should be able to rehome and still use last XY.

will the system remember the x and y from the first cut or will i have to use my best judgment??

So long as it didn’t lose steps it should. It should rehome at the end of the cut.

As long as power or connection is not lost it will remember last X Y.
At end of each carve it should go back to X Y zero. If not then it lost steps and you should re-home and reset X Y.